Monday, 22 October 2012

Tales from the Dales - by Max Hardcastle

Max Hardcastle was born in the old West Riding of Yorkshire, just before the outbreak of the Second World War. He started collecting antiques at an early age, hoarding his treasures - including a five-foot stuffed crocodile - in a disused hen house, known ever after as the 'junk hut'. After National Service and a brief period working for an engineering company, Max and his family heard the call of the Yorkshire Dales, where they bought a cottage, hung out their sign - Bullpen Antiques - and made a happy living for many years. Max and his family now live in Leyburn, North Yorkshire, with two dogs, two ponies and an ever-fluctuating population of hens, ducks and pigeons.

Leyburn is only a short drive from Harrogate and has little changed from when Mr Hardcastle was living there and writing his 3 novels

A country man's lot
The luck of a countryman
This country Business

The stories tell the tale of how he moves with his family to the rural dales and what they get up to! The books are very much written in the style of Gervais Phinn and you will enjoy the adventures of Max and his friends in the Dales.