Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Up for the Challenge?

You may or may not have heard about the Cattleman's Steak Challenge? No? then is this is a true test of a competitor in eating a 72oz steak in an hour or less, many have tried and many have failed! This challenge has been a local favourite since the 80's and they keep what is fondly known as the book with details of who has taken the challenge, whether they finished it and if not exactly how far they got!

The owner Mick decided one locally renowned challenge just wasn't enough and has now introduced the Big Smokey challenge which requires the competitors to eat a giant 5lb burger, lettuce & tomato, topped with bacon and cheese smothered in Damn Yankee's sticky & sweet sauce with all this topped by a 10 inch bun. In order to complete the challenge the competitor must eat all of it in 30 minutes with the reward being a place on the wall of fame and a commemorative t-shirt, fail and you have to settle the bill. Take a look at either web site for more information and to book your challenge.

Both these restaurants are within a short walk of all the town center shops and should be attending the Theatre or Royal Hall they are within 5 minutes walk of both these venues.

The Burgess Premier Small Animal show comes to Harrogate the weekend of the 28th of January 2012! This event is now even bigger and better than before with this year addition of Swedish Show Jumping Rabbits. For this event that is known as the Crufts for small animals it is expected that over 3000 Cavies, Gerbils, Mice, Rabbits and Rats will be attending the event.
This is an event for both those involved with competitive small animal showing as well as those who simply like fuzzy creatures!

Take a look at the web site for more photo's and information -  tickets are also avaliable for general sale through the web site.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Gilbert and Sullivan Festival comes to Harrogate!

In 2011 it was the 11th Anniversary of the Buxton Gilbert and Sullivan which was a crowning success with the long awaited performance of Utopia. However it seemed the team were not content to rest on their laurels and decided to figure out a way to top the events of 2011. This being so they have arranged for the festival to carry on another 2 weeks in a different location so between the 19th and 27th of August the festival will be held in Harrogate. The festival is coming to 3 venues in Harrogate - The Royal Hall which has just undergone a 10 million refurb and is a Matcham theatre, the Harrogate Theatre which was originally build as an opera house so is going back to its roots and last but not least the auditorium of the Harrogate International Centre which holds 2000 and was build to house the Eurovision song contest. There are also plans to hold an intensive music course in Harrogate for 3 days for singers and instrumentalists with the course being led by an internationally recognised faculty.  There will also be a tribute to the Queen's Jubilee Celebration with a "Night of a Thousand Stars" with an exciting program of music being put together by the musical director Andrew Nicklin. is only a 8meter walk from the Harrogate International Centre, a 5 minute walk from the Royal Hall and about 8 minutes walk from the Harrogate theatre so makes a perfect central base for all the festival events.