Thursday, 16 February 2012

Issy Lane!

Just found out about this amazing Yorkshire firm. they produce wool in an ethical way ie the sheep are never put down if they are healthy and are free to roam eating grass and getting stuck in hedges as they see fit. Issy Lane is branching out this year into milk and eggs where the money made from sales of these items will be put aside to fund the animals & birds retirements. The Issy Lane branch that looks after wool and sheep uses approximately 50 hand knitters in Yorkshire who make the items to order therefore supporting the local economy and keeping alive this traditional craft going back to the times where wool was sent out to the locals for spinning.  Issy Lane has also moved onto the highstreet with a partnership with Top Shop to sell their super lush coats so you can have a feel before you buy. Their other items are available through their web site above.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Sugar Therapy Classes for 2012!

The Master Class guide for 2012 ring on 01423 563676 to book.
Cup cake decorating master classes are held on the last Sunday of each month and cost £35 per person and includes 6 cupcakes to decorate and take home.
1/2 day master classes £95 per person which includes take home desserts and recipe booklet which are held on Mondays.
Full day master class £180 which includes Take Home Desserts, Recipe Booklet, lunch and refreshments and are held on Mondays.
The Camberley does a 10% discount for people attending the Sugar Therapy classes when booked directly and we are the nearest place to the school.